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City meets Country at The Port's...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest came to our house this year (as it always does) and Solon just had to watch all 10 acres be harvested next door.  This year was corn so the combine came by and it took about an hour and a half to fully combine it.  The guy was so kind driving the semi that hauled the corn away and came over and talked to Solon and I as we watched.  He told us all about how much corn they got (about 100 bushels per acre = 1000 bushels total).  They rent the field but have their main farm in Elkhart about 15 minutes away.  They also rent the field between our house and Scott's work (about 50 acres).  Only in Iowa can you live within city limits but live next door to a corn field and can experience a little farm life without any of the work - what fun!  We miss our privacy fence but Cy loves to run through the field when there is a lot of snow to cover it! 
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