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A Trip to the Orchard...

Monday, October 4, 2010
We went to Center Grove Orchard just north of Ankeny about 15 minutes.  We went with 2 other families on a Friday night.  The kids had so much fun running around, playing in the hay and rows of apple trees.  They even picked some apples and we ate a few along the way!  We will go back because we didn't even do all the kid stuff on the farm.  After the orchard, we came back to our place and had pizza and the kids played.  It was a fun family outing in the fall!  I made my 1st apple pie of the year over the weekend and it was yummy!  I just love fall pies...
Look close - Scott and Solon are peeking through the holes!
Solon loved driving the tractor - complete with his "vrrrrr....vrrr..." sound effects!
 Best Buds catching a ride to the orchard to pick some apples...
Look at all thos apples...Solon was looking at the one Daddy was eating...

Family picture (we took this fast and picked our apples in record time because the mosquitos were AWFUL!) 
Mandey, Sarah and Erin - good friends!
(note a kiddo behind us)
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