A trip to Center Grove Orchard Barn Yard... | Perfectly Port

A trip to Center Grove Orchard Barn Yard...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
We started our morning in the corn pool...Solon could not stop laughing.  He thought watching all of his little friends swimming around in corn was funny.  He liked to slide in and try to walk around in it.

Next, we tried out the pedal tractors (note his legs are too short to pedal) and we had to use "mommy-power" to get this tractor moving.  Solon liked driving around the track making car sounds!
We visited lots of farm animals including the horses, goats, ducks, turkeys, and roosters.  He was mesmerized by them and just stared in their pens until I would move him along.

Then we hit up the very large "jumping pillow".  It is kind of like a huge inflatable toy with sand all the way around it so if you slip down the side it wouldn't hurt.  All the playgroup kids and moms laughed and played on this for a long time until finally our legs grew tired.  There were just a few others there with us that morning so we basically had the run of the place!

Before lunch we headed to the haybail maze.  Solon collected a few souvenier corn cobs along the way...
We had a picnic lunch on the farmstead since it was beautiful and 80 degrees in October!  Finally, Solon started rubbing his eyes and this fun trip out to the orchard had to come to a close...
I pulled out of the Orchard driveway on the way home and turned around to check on Solon and he was already out cold.  He had a fun and busy morning.  We bought a season pass for 13.95 so we plan to go back during the week when it is quiet a few more times and venture out with Scott on the weekend once too!
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