Tailgating in Mid-October in shorts...

Solon met some of the 2010 Men's Basketball Team as they were tailgating at the ISU tent next to our tailgate.  This is the new player from Michigan State.  He was so polite and willing to hold Solon despite the weird rat he was holding (someday he will understand!).

Our chefs of the tailgate - Nana Marty and Papa Dale.  They grilled yummy brats and burgers.  We had so much food as usual....YUM!
Solon and his rat...he LOVES it and it has to go EVERYWHERE with him!

 Solon and Grandpa Wetherbee taking a walk.  They went to see the cool golfcarts and sightsee!
We had to watch the band do their march to the stadium pre-game.  Solon loved all the instruments and music as they passed by.  As always he was clapping his hands...
It was a beautiful sunset, wish I could say the same for the game.  We survived until the 3rd quarter and by then Solon was toast and so was the football team so I managed to talk Scott into leaving his beloved Cyclones.  Hopefully, they will do better in the coming weeks.  Never easy being a Cyclone!

Solon enjoyed the game until it got boring and sad...we did enjoy the much warmer conditions.  We only had to put his coat on during the 3rd quarter.  It was wonderful tailgating in shorts and flip-flops in the middle of October.