Tailgating and ISU Football...

 It was a beautiful fall day - perfect for some tailgating and ISU football.  We had some chili and all the fixin's with family and friends before heading into the game.
Wetherbee Family (Scott, Solon, Erin, Bob, Cindy, Ellen and Kristiaan)
Auntie Ellen and Krisitaan with Solon
The Port's (Nana, Solon, Scott, Erin, and Papa)
Helping Grandpa take down the flag pole

 Kidless - Solon rotates between us and his 2 sets of grandparents who have season tickets within 2 rows of us.  Scott's parents a row behind us in the same section, and my parents a row ahead of us and 1 section over)
Cheerng on the cyclones with his cute new winter hat on!  His eyes were glued to the video monitor for the pre-game show!

Watching the players and band on the field
Grandpa and Grandma's turn

By the 2nd half, he wanted mommy and daddy so we snuggled up close as it got prett chilly.  He stayed awake the whole game (it was a REALLY good game).  The Cyclones pulled out an exciting win over TX Tech.  This was our 1st home game Solon and I could attend and a great one at that.  We changed Solon into his PJ's and he fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up when we got him out of his car seat and put him in his crib.   What a fun day!