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Dinner with Zambian Bible Students...

Friday, October 15, 2010
Our church helps sponsor a bible college in Zambia, Africa through Gospelink.  This bible college trains up local Zambians that have come from the bush (generally impoverished) via scholarships and then sends them back to the bush with sponsorships from churches to go speak the word of God to others.  Many have lost family members to Aids and their stories of struggle and turmoil humble you.  We have so much in our country.  We had a nice midwestern meat and potatoes meal with them but the food we eat is so rich for them (they get chicken at most once a week mostly they eat beans and rice) and they said they are really homesick.  They love their country and their people - it is just so humbling (no other word to descibe it).  It is so cool to see how the love of the Lord circulates our world.  He is Mighty for sure!
 Isaac enjoyed playing the guitar and Solon LOVE LOVE LOVES music so they had a great time together.  It is awesome to see how they interacted, I am glad to share these experiences with Solon.  It melted my heart!  Children love like God does without reservation....
The men talked at the table for a long time...
What a blessed evening - God is good!
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