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14 Month Backyard Photo Shoot...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our little guy is growing up SOOOOO fast!  This month he is starting to get a mind of his own.  We had our 1st tantrum and we let him wail and cry it out on the kitchen floor.  He didn't want to come inside from playing outdoors - he loves playing outside in the leaves, with his new lawn mower, and running around free!  He now knows how to say mama, dad, yes, juice, uh-oh and his latest his WOW!  His lips are hilarious when he does it - they get all pursed for the w and then open big for the "ow" part!  He loves to read and his favorites right now are photograph books of animals or trucks and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  He still loves any kind of music and this month discovered he likes The Wiggles on the Sprout channel.  It is great when I cook dinner!  He is still a great eater and loves his fruits and veggies.  This month he especially loves kiwi and raisins.  He has gotten the hang of meat too.  He still takes one before bed bottle but this is his final month (tear!).  He still takes 2 naps (but this week he has not wanted to but trust me he is much happier with 2 naps).  He goes to bed around 8PM after prayer and song time and then gets up around 7:30AM.  He loves to play outdoors, giggle at his friends, be read to, play with his stuffed animals, be chased, tickled and loved.  He still lets me cuddle him sometimes and always needs a mommy kiss for all the bumps and bruises he is inevitably geting know that he is walking king.  He follows directions well like "time to go bye-bye" and he goes to get his shoes on and goes to the door, or "time to go night-night" and he starts up the stairs.  His only dislikes are being told no more outside time or getting his diaper changed.  He is really attched to his rat, Hop on Pop animal, and blue blanket.  He is a sweet and smart beautiful boy and we LOVE LOVE LOVE him!

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  1. So precious! Brown Bear-Brown Bear was our favorite too! We had 2 copies!


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