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A stop at Whitey's...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Whitey's is a Quad Cities staple!  I was born there and spent some time there as we moved back a couple of times and Scott and I also got married in the Quad Cities too.  My mom craved it when she was pregnant with me and then when I was a little girl we would get ready for bed and go to Whitey's in our PJ's!  I remember my dad lifted me up over the bar height counter to see them making our yummy treats.  Now that I am all grown-up and can see over the counter, those memories still make me smile.  SO...on our way to the wedding in Galeburg we had to make a quick detour through town to get my favorite....Mint Chocolate Chip Shake with chocolate flavoring (you can't forget the flavoring!!).  Oh my goodness - it was heavenly!  Luckily, Scott has joined the ranks of loving it too so he happily obliged with the detour.  YUM!

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  1. Mmm.... I love Whitey's! Did I ever tell you Tim used to work there in High School!! :-) I used to get free Chippers! :-)


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