Solon at 13 months plus...

I can't believe Solon is now over 13 months old.  He is BUSY as ever just as toddlers are supposed to be.  This week he got hand, foot, and mouth disease.  It is running rampant at daycares in the city so he likely caught it from a shopping cart or some other public place like a park.  It is very contagious.  It causes a severe sore throat and little acne like bumps on your hands and feet.  He only has one bumb on this thumb but it is very painful to the touch.  Solon did not take any naps or sleep through the night all weekend so it must be pretty painful.  He is on the upswing and has all his energy back. 

Lately, he enjoys playing outside as much as he can.  Too bad I found a corn snake in our backyard so now I feel like I have to be on top of Solon (That is what you get for living next to a corn field - yuck!).  He loves to chase Cy, throw her ball or any other ball around and chase it.  He likes to play in the dirt and rocks, and just get dirty! 

He also tolerates going on walks in his stroller.  He doesn't like them as much as he used to but he likes to hold on to Cy's leash as we walk around the neighborhood as a family.  He loves to walk and take tumbles along the way.  He has a few cuts and bruises now - poor buddy.  He really never cries and if he does you know it was a doozy!  God made them rubbery for a reason, he walks like a drunken sailor!  It is SOOOO cute!

He is really getting attached to his daddy.  He cries when he leaves and likes to wave bye-bye out the front door.  He is all smiles screaching "daddy" when he gets home for lunch and dinner.  Since Scott works so close to home he comes home for lunch most days.  It is fun and a nice little adult break for me!!!  Solon and Scott are buddies on the weekend doing chores together and playing in the backyard or wrestling with Cy in the living room.  Scott gives Solon his night time bath and they laugh uncontrollably on most nights!  The other night Solon decided to poop in the bathtub (1st time ever) so Scott yelled for me so I could bleach while he got him dressed!

Solon likes all things round that he can throw.  We bought him some clearance beach balls and they are his favorite toys in the basement right now.  He is actually getting good at throwing them to you.  He also likes his coupe car, stuffed animals, and matchbox cars. He is very affectionate to his stuffed toys one minute and than pummeling them the next.  He also loves to walk around and be chased and tickled throughout the day too.  He still loves, loves, loves music and singing.  He also will sit down and be read to and likes the same books read over and over and over again.  He especially loves the lift the flap books like  "Where is Spot?". 

He says a few things like daddy, momma, juice, uh-oh, wow (comes out like "OW"), done, and ball - sometimes I think he says dog when he sees Cy but it comes out so happily it is hard to understand.  He points at all other things and we have to repeat the name a couple of times before we can move on! 

He sleeps from 8PM until about 7:30AM.  He also takes 2 naps which are each about 1.5 hours.  He is a good little eater and does well with his sippy cup.  He loves squash and sweet potatoes - I think he could eat the whole squash if I let him in one sitting.  He also loves applesauce, oatmeal, banana bread, pears and plums.  He will eat meat on occasion but it is still pretty chewy for him. 

He has 6 teeth and his molars are starting to work their way in so we have a teether on our hands.  We now brush his teeth and he LOVES it!  He thinks it is so funny. 
Our favorite time as a family is our bedtime routine.  We have prayer time, song time and cuddle time before he goes to bed.  It is so peaceful and special and he just lays there with us - I just soak it up! 

We love being parents and seeing what God has for Solon.  He certainly is growing up way too fast but there is no time to be sad because you might miss out on the next big thing.  Here's to many more blessings along the way.