One more sign Solon is not a baby anymore...

We put away his jumparoo!  I had to take a picture because somehow Scott got it wedged in the door and we could NOT get it unwedged (probably because I was doubled-over laughing).  This "toy" was great for Solon while we showered to keep him from investigating and causing trouble!  Unfortunately, he isn't at all interested in this so now either Scott has to be home for me to shower or Solon has to be napping otherwise he spends my whole shower trying to get in with me causing him and the bathroom to get all wet! 
Our backroom now houses all those baby must-haves including the bumbo, swing, baby carseat, bouncer, baby bathtub, jumparoo, infant sled, etc. etc. etc.
The only thing at all "baby-ish" about him is he still takes a bottle before bed (but that will be done at 15 months), he sleeps in a crib, takes 2 naps, and stil wears diapers. 
He now can follow directions like we are going bye-bye and comes to the door, comes when I say "dinner time", knows what "night-night" is, blows kisses, gives high fives, does the hands for raise the roof, says mama, dada, dog, ball, done, makes cars sounds, knows signs for done and more!  He loves to read, play with his matchbox cars, and all kinds of balls and babble, babble, babble all day long!  Our little guy is now a toddler!