One last summer fun activity...

Solon and I went to the splash park one last time for the summer - there was only a couple kids there so Solon had the run of the place..he is looking straight at his favorite part - the water hydrant sprayer!
To keep Solon's ear tubes healthy we found him an "ear band-it".  It is like a little headband but we bought the rugged blue color!  It works really well and comes with "putty buddies" ear plugs too - we haven't tried those yet.
All done - we were the only ones there at this point so we had a snack just the 2 of us.
By the time we get back from the lake the splash park will be closed for the season.  It has been open the last 2 weeks during the day for free which works out great for us because we only last about an hour.  Can't believe summer is coming to a summer we hope to spend even more time at the pool and splash park!