Of to Arrowhead Stadium...

We went to see ISU play against Kansas State in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium (home of the Chiefs).  We went with Scott's parents (Nana and Papa).
Solon enjoyed watching the pre-game workout and bands!
It got pretty hot in KC that day at about 86 degrees (it was only 65 in DSM).  Arrowhead stadium is so family friendly.  A worker spotted Solon and I seeking shade and cool.  He invited Marty and I to sit in the wheelchair section in the concourse.  We could watch the game, Solon could nap, and we could have some nice shade while we watched the rest of the game.  Solon cashed out after the halftime show until about 1:30 left in the fourth quarter.  It was a good and close game, too bad the Cyclones could not pull out a win!