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Saturday, September 11, 2010
I love this picture...walking back to the boat!
We missed Scott (he was at a bachelor party in Chicago) so we left him an honorary place at the table...
Kristiaan (Ellen's boyfriend) joined us at the lake for the 1st time.  We took him to Miss Peggy's - the legendary place for breakfast.  A tradition Solon has learned to love.  He had chocolatec chip pancakes and he gobbled them up!
Then we went skiing (notice Alex has no wetsuit on ).  It was about 65 degrees outside but the water temperature was much warmer...he was brave.  It felt like your forehead might freeze off when you were skiing...I thought I should have worn a hat!
Last time to slalom for the season for me (above) and Ellen (below)....
Then Kristiaan learned to ski and wakeboard.  H was such a trooper and managed to get up on both.  I think he was pretty determined...
And here were are spectators...Solon looks really interested!
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