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Dinnertime with Solon...

Thursday, September 2, 2010
Solon tried Mexican food for the 1st time - I think he liked it :-)
He is a VERY messy eater but he is eating so much better.  It has taken him a while to get the hang of all this table food we are giving him.  He still is not a huge veggie fan.  He loves sweet potatoes and peas but that is about it.  We have found that we give Solon dinner in courses - veggies 1st, whatever we are eating 2nd, fruit 3rd, carbs or yogurt last.  We give it in the order of which he likes least to what he likes most.  He is always more willing to eat the things he doesn't like as well when he is hungrier!  We will see how long it takes before he figures out another course is coming.  We are working on not smushing our food or giving it to Cy (our dog) when he is done.  He loves to sing "Thank You Jesus for our Food" before we eat dinner. 
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