What have we been up to now that I am home...

Life is busy in our neck of the woods...one would think that I might get bored at home but little birdies find out I am home and sure enough committees, activities and more fill our days and nights.  I am now serving on 2 committees for our chuch.  We are doing a fall fundraiser to pay off our new building debt and we are also looking for a new children's and family pastor.  Both committees meet regularly and I am enjoying being able to serve as well as give Solon and daddy some "man" time!  Scott and I still serve pretty regularly on our praise team at church too.  I sing soprano (I say that loosely :-) and Scott does the powerpoint work.  I also work in the nursery once a month. 
On Wednesday's I will be tutoring for an hour which will be good to keep my teaching skills practiced!
I also just joined PEO (a women's philanthropy group actually started in Mt. Pleasant, IA but is now national).  My mom and grandma are both members and have been wanting me to join, I guess now was the perfect opportunity! 
Finally, I get to work out again regularly and Solon goes to the gym daycare for about an hour 3 times a week.  It is great for him to be with other kids and mommy gets a little time too!
Next week MOPS starts and it meets 2 times a month and on top of that we have Tuesday bible study play group and story time on Thursdays.  We also keep busy with our small group that meets Thursday nights!
So as you can see there is no shortage of fun and busyness around our house but if you know us, you wouldn't expect much different.  I am thankful to be able to serve our church and the community, I was missing that piece working full-time! 
Solon and I make time for lots of play, laughs, reading and giggles too!  He is learning and growing everyday...just today Scott taught him to high-5 and he is making little car noises as he drives his cars around the house...I love being at home!
I put the teddy bear sweater on him - it was hilarious and of course he is always into something...