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TX Cousins love on Solon...

Monday, August 16, 2010
Maddie and Bailey are my cousins from Texas (so technically Solon's 2nd cousins) but to quote Maddie - "it doesn't matter what kind of cousin we are, Solon loves us the same"  and boy did Solon love them...but as you will see from the pictures why wouldn't he?  They doted on him all week long.  I wanted to take them home with me, they were awesome!  They are such polite, smart and respectful young people, we had a blast together! (Maddie is going into 6th grade and Bailey "too cool to smile" is going into 8th grade)
Maddie loved to feed Solon bottles, help give him a bath, change his diaper and dress him and Bailey liked to cuddle, feed him oreos when I wasn't looking, and make him laugh by doing crazy stunts on the bunk bed.
While cleaning up from lunch everyday they would take him up to play for an hour in the bunkroom...we would have to pry them out of there to go back out on the lake!
One rainy day Uncle/Grandpa Bob helped them make a tent with all the couch cushions, bunches of blankets, and a card table...
The tent was lots of fun...
...and so was the bunkroom!

We had a great week despite the rainy weather.   Solon was so sad to leave them and Bailey and Maddie gave him lots of hugs good-bye.  It really touched my heart.  I am sure my Aunt Susan was smiling down from heaven at what wonderful people they have become and how close they are to their family!  They are simply wonderful young people!  We love them to pieces and so glad we got to spend a special week at the lake together!
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