Solon's 1st Birthday Party...

We had a backyard beach birthday bash for Solon's birthday on Saturday, August 7th.   We had a "Guess the Number of Whales"" contest.  Despite Grandpa Wetherbee snacking on a few, the Kinzenbaw family walked away with the prize!
The cake table - we did sand pails filled with bubbles and goldfish for the goodie bag.  We did ice cream sundaes, cake and fruit salad!
Ggma Wetherbee's necklace was cool and of course he loved to be held by Grandpa
The kids liked playing in the water table
Good friends and Ggma Olive in her festive outfit
Uncle Alex and Solon playing in the pool

Singing and about ready to try the delicious cake.  Scott's dad made the cute surfboard cake!  It was delicious too - Solon ate it up in no time at all!
All gone - can I have more?
Opening lots of fun gifts - play doh, finger paints, bathtub basketball, a new bath towel and matchbox cars to name a few...
...and of course a few books!
We had a great time celebrating Solon's special day and were so glad so many friends and family could join us on a hot summer day in the backyard shade!  It made for some very special memories!