Our trip to NYC - Day 4 and Day 5...

On Day 4 (Tuesday) we headed to "Live with Regis and Kelly"
The sets are so much smaller than they look on TV - their desk is so tiny!  It was really cool to watch live TV in action.  During commercial breaks they would come into the audience and take pictures and talk with us!  They were super down to earth and so funny!

It was Dog week so they had a segment on dogs.  We also taped for 2 other days (8/30 and 9/1) that they will be on vacation so we were there until 11:30!  It was a long morning but really cool! 
When we were done we headed down to get some famous muligatawny and crab bisque at the Soup Nazi (from Seinfeld - if you didn't know Scott loves that show!).  It was actually REALLY good and yummy to eat at a little table on the street!
Then we headed over to 5th avenue to check out the Plaza, FAO Shwarz, and Bloomingdale's.  We stopped by Dylan's Candy Bar (the world's largest candy store) to get a sweet treat before heading down to Madison Square Garden, Macy's and the Empire State Building.
We finished the night eating at a local Thai restaurant, a visit to Time Square and got dessert at Crumbs Cupcake Shop!  We had a devil's food cupcake with filling - yum!  We ate in Central Park before hitting the hay!
Our Final Day was cut short when we got a phone call that said our plane had been cancelled so we made a quick call and got a flight out of Newark and still got home at the same time thank goodness - God was watching over us.  Before we left NYC we went bike riding through Central Park - it was one of the highlights.  We rode through all 50 city blocks and back.  Along the way we saw the Guggenheim, The Met, lakes, resevoirs, and cute NYC apartment buildings along the way.  There even was a park playgroup for kids including a guy playing kids music on a guitar - so cute!
The Met
Scott on his bicycle - it was a hot day so the breeze while riding was great!
Our last trip in a NYC taxi to Newark Airport.  We rode through the Lincoln tunnel out of Manhatten.  We had a great trip complete with great friends, The Kinzenbaw's, great food and lots of fun!  We had so much fun laughing, talking and hanging out along the way!  We sure missed Solon and we were so excited that he met us at the airport and gave us a big hug!