Our trip to NYC - Day 3...

We started Day 3 - Monday at the Today Show.  We took the subway and arrived to stand in line at about 6 am.  We got a good spot and even made it on TV around 8:30 in a quick sweep - luckily we have DVR so they could pause it and see us :-)!  It was fun to see Anne and Matt (Meredith and Al were gone).  We even saw Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlburg.

After the Today show we headed over to Rockefeller Center...Right now instead of an ice rink it is a cafe!
On our way back north to Central Park we walked by Radio City Music Hall (home to the famous Rockettes) and Carnegie Hall.
Then, we decided to head to Central Park for a nice walk and rowing on the lake!
It is amazing how you just walk into the park and the city noise disappears.  Central Park covers over 50 city blocks and has so much to offer...
We saw some crews taping different shots for movies and TV!
After all that exercise - we headed north to the Upper West Side to Tom's Restaurant from Seinfeld.  We had some yummy potroast sandwiches before heading north to Columbia University for a quick tour of the campus!
Columbia University
We headed back to the hotel and changed to go to a taping of David Letterman.  It was interesting to watch a taping of a show.  We went on Monday but they only tape 3 days a week so our show will air Thursday, August 5th.  After the show we went to Carmine's Italian Restaurant in the theater district for dinner.  We had the most delicious spaghetti and giant meatballs I have ever had - yum!  We walked up Time Square and home around 11PM!  We were exhausted and had another early wake-up call the next morning...what a great day #3!