Our trip to New York City - Day 1...

Well our 6:40 am flight to LaGuardia got cancelled SO some quick thinking and a phone call to Delta (thanks dad for your advice!) we hopped on a flight to LaGuardia via a very short layover in Minneapolis.  We were supposed to arrive at 10:30 and didn't arrive until 3:30...our plans for the day to meet Raquel didn't work out but that is okay we had a great evening anyway!
We dropped our bags and checked into the Hudson Hotel before going out to dinner and to Promises, Promises on Broadway (starring Kristin Chenowith and Sean Hayes).  It was wonderful and a great way to start our trip.  We did get to hug Raquel and meet her friends as they headed the other direction to Mary Poppins!

We walked through Time Square on our way to the show after dinner!

Since we were all exhausted from our 5:00AM wake-up call we called it a night after the show around 11:30!