A little Gamma Phi Love...

Recruitment Week at ISU - Ellen is a senior at Gamma Phi Beta this year (my sorority as well)  Always fun to go up and support her and the chapter.  They no longer do black dresses - they now do chocolate brown - try finding a fancy brown dress right now :-)  Luckily Alumnae can break the rules a bit!  Ellen brought down the house with a beautiful solo and sung "Gamma Phi Home".
With all the Ames flooding Gamma Phi Beta fell victim to water in the basement.  With no carpet company able to do a quick fix in time for house tours, 4 alumnae braved the task of laying carpet.  It is "practically professional"!

Omega chapter had lots of Alum come and bus tables, set out cakes and chocolate-covered strawberries, do dishes, etc. to help the night go smoothly!  It was fun to watch the Omega girls shine and invite 29 women into their home!  I am so proud - you go girls!