A trip to Ames with Nana and Papa...

We went to Ames on Saturday with Nana and Papa Port.  They had won an Ames attractions gift certificate basket at a 4-H silent auction.  1st stop was Hickory Park for lunch.  Solon had his 1st taste of sweet potato fries and he loved them.
Then we went to Reimen Gardens.  As you can see, we went to the butterfly exhibit.  Scott had a winged-friend join him on his head.  Solon wasn't sure what to think.
Reimen Gardens (unbeknownst to us) is home to the world's largest cement gnome.  If you are from MN - they love all things large like this.  Our lake boasts the largest cement pelican so we had to pose next to a giant gnome!  Solon was enjoying some shade and passed on the photo op.  We enjoyed some nice shade under a big tree and Solon played in the grass before heading home.