Hanging out with cousins...

Celebrating Lance's 3rd birthday with a Cars celebration
Lance and Grace help Solon open his 1st birthday presents!  A BIG truck book and a ride on dump truck - he is so lucky to have such generous cousins!
Good thing Grace was there to open the present Solon was preoccupied with the card...
Eating an icy pop - looking so cute!
Raquel and Erin
Lance and Uncle Scott playing ball

Grace holding her new cousin - Solon was kind of jealous of her!
Auntie Raquel and Solon

We were so excited to catch up with the Malin's (Scott's sister's family) in Ames.  We went to eat at Hickory Park on Saturday after church and Sunday the Malin Grandparents hosted us all day at their house - such gracious and thoughtful hosts!  We enjoyed playing games and playing with all the birthday gifts all day long!  We had so much fun and the time went SO fast!