A few days in Minneapolis...

We found this little suitcase at a garage sale and thought it was so cute for our kids to have - Solon packed it full of his things...all his favorites!
Hanging with Daddy in the car at Clear Lake ready to make the baby-mommy swap.  We met halfway and my mom met us so we would not have 2 cars to drive home.  Thanks Mom!!!
Solon spent a couple of days with his Great-Aunt Chris while Mom and Grandma looked for new lake houses with a realtor.  They found some fixer-upers and some beauties but they will have to wait until there is a sold sign at their own home but it was fun to look!  Solon enjoyed his time with Chris and she even put on her wig from chemo on him - he looked like "Wayne's World" and he left it on forever - made us all laugh.  His "cuncles" as we call cousin-uncles Alex and Casen enjoyed playing with Solon too.  They even let him ride a train toy they had from when they were little.