The 4th of July...

First, we started off the day with pancakes over the fire in cast-iron pans - YUM!
Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa
That night we had campfire dinner (ground beef, potatos, carrots, onions and butter in foil toasted over a hot fire) and finished off with lots of yummy gooey smores...
Ready for some fireworks on the lake - Solon stayed home with his Aunt Chris and slept through the whole thing - the fireworks don't start until 11 in Northern Minnesota because it doesn't get dark until about 10:30!
Silly crew - inside joke!
A beautiful finale - Pelican Lake had a 700 shot show with thousands of boats looking on as they exploded over Fair Hills Resort.  A true spectacle and another favorite family tradition - so many great memories from Ellen's glasses going overboard to shouting we are anchored to belting out "Proud to be an American" with the radio...I think the 4th of July might just be my favorite holiday besides Christmas!