Solon is 10 months...

Our beautiful baby boy is another month older - where does the time go????

He is learning and growing so much each day - it is a joy to be a part of his life and help shape him into the boy and man God has called him to be. We thank God daily for him.

He weighs about 20 lbs and is about 28 inches long.
He is healthy - no ear infections since his tubes - YEAH

He eats 4 bottles a day (6 oz each)
He has breakfast (fruit, rice cereal, and cheerios)
Lunch (yogurt and cheerios)
Dinner (veggies, cereal, and cheerios/puffs, etc)
He mastered sucking from a sippy cup but still needs help holding it
We are still working hard on solid foods - he is not a fan of the texture - so we hide it in his cereal for now

He can crawl quickly, pull himself up, and is trying to stand on his own, and is starting to pull himself along furniture
He can say the m, d, and b sound well and loves to talk indoors - he is pretty quiet outside (I guess he is taking it all in out there)
He loves to cuddle and will crawl over to you for a little "love" session
He plays well by himself with his toys
He loves the water and swimming
He loves to ride in his car
He loves to kid watch and sing songs
He likes to play peek-a-boo
He does not enjoy having to wait in his high-chair or getting his diaper changed

He takes 2 naps (morning 10-11:30 and afternoon (1-3)
At night he sleeps from 7:45ish PM to 7:00AM
We now find him standing up when we go in to get him