A trip to Nana and Papa's...

Cooking with Nana and Cuddling with Papa!
At church listening to the bells and out to lunch being spoiled with love
Scott, Nana, Solon, Papa and Great Grandma Olive
All the Moms on Mother's Day 2010 and Solon

We went to Cedar Falls to visit Nana and Papa Port since last weekend was Nana's birthday and to celebrate Mother's Day.  The weather was chilly on Saturday so we had lots of yummy food, played scrabble, and talked Great-Grandma Olive all about growing up on a farmstead in Iowa during the 20's and 30's - she had some great stories!!!  On Sunday, we went to church and out to Mexican for lunch and then played outside in the beautiful spring weather.  Cy loves to run around in the "country" at Nana and Papa's and Solon liked crawling after her in the grass!  It was a very relaxing weekend!