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Sick in the summer...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
So....we are a little behind on the posting because the entire Port family came down with a summer "bug" last weekend.  We had fevers, body aches, chills - YUCK!  Scott and I are feeling better but we had to take Solon in because he had fluid coming out of his ears, nose, and hacking up yuckiness.  He has a virus but is on an oral antibiotic and some eardrops to make sure his tubes don't get infected.  He is pretty miserable.  We were praying the tubes would work their magic and hopefully when he is home we won't be QUITE as sick!  I just have 4 days left of school - UNBELIEVABLE.  I am swamped with work since I was out sick Monday so my days and nights are pretty busy right now getting things prepared for my replacement, end of the year, and celebrating a great year at Southeast Elementary.  We have a BIG surprise planned for the staff next week - I will post pictures after the event.  Last weekend, we also went to the zoo and had friends over for pizza and fun Saturday night.  Friday night, Scott and I enjoyed a date night while Auntie Ellen babysat.  A great weekend - too bad we all got sick.  Pictures and posts to come over the weekend!
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