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Ear infection 10 - Solon 0....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Today we went in for Solon's 2nd rosephrin shot.  They gave it to him in 2 doses - one shot in each leg.  He did really well and just wimpered -- not even a tear.  He is such a trooper.  After the shots he started to get hives though.  Our doctor quickly got a 2nd opinion and we waited some more to see if it would spread.  He got hives on both legs that were scratchy for him and one appeared on his arm.  We got a dose of benedryl and now no more shots.  His one ear is getting better, the left ear still has milky fluid in it.  Given he is now allergic to augmentin and rosephrin, our doctor is making a call to the ENT to see if we can get Solon in as soon as possible.  We are hoping to have tubes very soon so Solon starts feeling better.  Until then we are on yet another oral antibiotic...he took a nap when we got home tonight which is good.  None of us got much sleep last night as Solon was pretty sore and had a hard time sleeping.  He ended up in our bed to sleep - he needs the pillows propped up for him!  He is happily playing with daddy and CY as we speak.  We love you and your silly, silly ears Solon!  Hang tough - we will get through this!!! 
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