"All I got is elephant ears!"

YES - Solon STILL has an ear infection.  After a round of antibiotics, a trip to the ER, a big ol' rosephrin shot and a week later and we still have nasty ears!!!  Today, I asked if we could trade them in and the doctor said, "All I got is elephant ears" and I thought I heard Solon said - SOLD!!!  Poor thing just laid there without a squeek as she peeked around there - that had to have hurt but he is just so use to it - poor baby!  He is now on a series of shots.  We got one today, go back on Wednesday and then again on Friday.  We see the ENT on May 13th and at this point, our prayer is that we get tubes for Solon.  Please join us in prayer for him!  We are thankful this is minor and easily treatable - we trust with time and God's care he will get better!!!
I can't wait until I can be home full time to cuddle him and comfort him - just 6 weeks left of school.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!