Spring Skiing in Breckenridge...

Beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado
Preparing to ski and riding the lift

Buzz and my dad, Bob, on the way up to ski!
We rode up the Imperial Express to to over 11,000 feet to ski the bowls of Breckenridge - the sign serves as a warning as you get on the lift!

We got off at the top of the left pea and skiied over to the middle and down!  Off the back of this peak is Copper Mountain - it was a beautiful clear day - you could see people (ant size) skiing over there!
People climbing the final 150 feet to the top - we passed (the air is mighty thin up there)
Scott survived this run 6 years ago - much better, more clear conditions this time!
We had BEAUTIFUL WARM wether - we shed layers throughout the day.  Our place we could ski right into which made it great.  We went home for a long lunch and Solon time everyday!
We were not the only spring skiiers loving the weather - we were greeted with this long line or last morning.  Luckily, we went up to the bowls that morning where there was less traffic.

We had a great 3 days of skiing.  We were all exhausted by day 4 so we decided to go shopping in downtown breckenridge!  Great spring weather, great fresh snow from day 1, and great company!