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Solon's Eye...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Ever since Solon arrived in this world he has had a "popeye" eye...his right eyelid (left when you look at it) has drooped down lower than his right eye.  His physician finally recommenede we go see a pediatric opthamologist and so we went today to Wolfe Eye Clinic.  Solon did a great job with all of the lights and activity and sat so still for lots of picures of his eye.  They even had to dialate his eye to see inside.  He is slightly far-sighted but it doesn't need correction.  His right eyelid is not symmetrical to his left, his muscle is weaker on the right side.  Since it is not interferring with his eyesight and his pupils are the same size (meaning no neurological issues) we will not have surgery.  At some point, hopefully not until his teenage years, he will have to have surgery to pull up the eyelid.  (more cosmetic later in life).  We are hoping that it will not interfere with his eyesight and we can wait until he is a teenager so that he does not have to be put under anestesia - they can do while he is awake at that age.  So for now - we are clear.  We go back in a year and our regular physican will keep an eye on it (no pun intended) in between!

Thanks God for keeping our little guy healthy - we are certainly greatful!!! :-)
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