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God's plan, I just have to trust...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Grave's disease. I had been having a variety of symptoms (rapid weight loss, headaches, blurry vision, ravenous thirst, etc.)  I went to my family doctor in January and discovered through bloodwork that my thyroid was "hyper-active" meaning it was in over drive.  I headed to the endocronologist in March (you know the wait for specialists) and she confirmed it was hyper-thyroidism not caused by cancer but by Grave's disease.  I was thankful to God that it was not cancerous but was really not prepaered to have a "disease".  With a new baby and stessful job - my plate was aleady "full" but as scripture tells us we all walk into the fire - but God is there with us.  There are several options associated with th diagnosis and currently I started taking medication, a side effect, is that my milk production has nearly ceased in a matter of a week - talk about stress.  Poor Solon - he needs to eat.  Today, in a last ditch effort, I start drinking "Mother's milk" tea and fenugreek - both natural remedies.   I started him on "infamil" formula and he took it well. 
I think the hardest thing for me right now is that I lose that special time between Solon and I - as a working mom so much is not in your control - nursing was one way I felt I could contribute toSolon's life and bond with him in a way no one else could.  I never understood why people struggled with letting it go but it is really unexplainable.  I KNOW he will be fine and grow up to live a healthy life regardless of I finish up his 1st year with formula or breast milk.  I just need to come to terms with God's plan and let go of the plan I had for this.
Being a new mom there is really no time to have a pity party - so each day - I get up and thank God for the many blessings I do have.  I can hold a healthy, happy baby boy in my arms, cuddle, and hold him close.  I do not have cancer and most likely this is easily treatable.  If we do have to do radiation of surgery I KNOW God is in control...
Praying for God's peace and control to supercede my own plan and the peace to know his plan is the RIGHT plan!
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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Erin. It sounds like you have a good outlook on things. The Sheriffs will be praying for your health!


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