Feel better Grandma...

Grandma Wetherbee (Erin's mom) had total knee replacement today on her 2nd knee!  Now she has two brand new knees and hopefully this will help her so much!  She made it through surgery great but is still pretty groggy.  Hopefully Tuesday she will be able to get up and walk around tomorrow.  Love you mom/grandma!
Trial #1 - Paper "get well soon" sign
A no go - too much fun to crumple and eat
Trial #2 - High-tech note to Grandma
Worked okay until he realized the fun keyboard
Had to say "boo" to get him to look at me for 5 seconds
Sorry Grandma couldn't get a smile!

We hope you feel better soon - we can't wait to go skiing with you in just 12 days! (she is not skiing but hanging out with Solon instead - ski bunnies they will be)