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Solon has spots...

Sunday, February 28, 2010
Solon started getting spots on Tuesday good parents we went to the internet to diagnose what the cause was.  After ruling out chicken pox, we discovered he had hives.  He had tried bananas for a couple of days, was on medicine for his ear infection, and went swimming the night before - all possible culprits.  As a precaution we did not give him his medicine that night.  The next morning they were not any worse, so as good parents do, we sent him to daycare.  By that night, they were in his scalp and about quarter to half-dollar size on his arms and legs :**(.  He was not happy so we ventured to urgent care.  The doctor confirmed our thinking that he was allergic to "Augmentin" the medicine he was on but unfortunately he still had his ear infection (after 5 weeks).  So, we got a stronger medication and instructions for tylenol for the hives.  Needless to say, one sleepless night later and scabs from scratching we had a hive free boy.  We return to the doctor on Tuesday to HOPEFULLY be free from an ear infection.  Overall, he has been a trooper and is super happy and acts normal during the day - nighttime can be rough!!! We hope as he grows his ears will develop and this won't be ongoing for him :-)!
Lots of cuddles for our sick but so cute little guy!
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