Solon 5 month photo shoot

We had a sign but Solon thought it would be nice and tasty!  Can't believe our little munchkin is 5 months old.  He weighs 16 lbs.  and is wearing 6-12 month onesies, 3-6 month pants, and has a BUDA belly!  He loves to eat his rice cereal and still loves his milk!  He now sleeps from 8 pm-6am and then goes back to bed for another 1 1/2 hours!  He rolled over for the 1st time and can push up on his hands.  He arched out of his bumbo at daycare and got himself right out!  He loves anyting with wheels and anything that sings or plays music!  He puts everything in his mouth especially his hands.  He is very drooly, loves to smile, and will belly laugh if mommy dances for him or daddy sings him funny songs!  He loves to babble to himself in the mirror and all day long!  He is a ball of sunshine and we LOVE him so much!  We are incredibly blessed by him and Thank God for his precious gift!  We love you buddy!  Happy 5 month Birthday!