Snow days!

Solon and I had 2 surprise days together this week.  What a wonderful and happy surprise  The weather on Thursday and Friday was VERY chilly and VERY windy - hence 2 snuggled in days at home!  We hung out, did laundry, sang songs, made some fun new recipes, and Friday afternoon ventured out to Target for some groceries.  We were not the only ones - our Target trip took 2 hours because we saw so many people we knew! 

Solon's big milestone this week was ROLLING OVER.  The exciting part is both Scott and I were playing with Solon when he rolled over so we both saw it together :)!  He also has totally got the hang of his rice cereal and now demands 2nds!!!  It has not effected his digestive tract - he is still regular which is good but I tell you what - his toots STINK!!!!  How can something so nasty come out of someone so cute! 

He is now officially 5 months old too!

His likes are:
His jumparoo
Playing with his toys (putting them all in his mouth)
His stuffed monkey
Being sung to (favorite song is Itsy Bitsy Spider)
Watching Cy and Daddy play
Dance parties with mom and dad (he laughs so hard)
His rice cereal
His daycare friends

His dislikes:
Going to bed by himself for naps
Long naps (his longest naps are about an hour :-()
Being in his car seat and not going anywhere
His hat (he always is taking it off)

He is the most laid-back baby and puts up with just about anything!  Good for us because he just comes along for the ride where ever we may go....We are SO BLESSED!!!!  Happy Birthday buddy - we love you SO much!  Being a mom is the best gift in the world!