The rest of the Ohio Trip...

Well......Christmas night peole starting falling like flies to the "flu"...1st went Scott who was out for the 26th...then Josh woke up the night of the 26th Lance and Paul were sick.  Some of us survived luckily to be the caregivers to the ill...those well enough managed to have a great time playing with the kids, taking a walk, playing Ticket to Ride, and venturing to West Virginia...

Grace LOVED her cousin Solon SO much and loved to be my "babysitter" whenever I needed an extra hand

Aunt Raquel and "Soley" - Lance's nickname for Solon :-)
The kiddos with Solon before taking a walk

We ventured to WV (about an hour from the Malin's house) to Hillbilly Hot Dog as seen on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"

We ate our "hillbilly hot dogs" on a heated bus as Lance and Grace drove the bus

Family photo at Hillbilly Hot dog (great hot dogs by the way and great atmosphere - they even sang a weenie song to us!)

Before dropping us off at the airport - we went to Grace's favorite - Steak N' Shake! 

Thanks Malin Family for a great Christmas - we had a great time!!!!