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Ice Storms and Ear Infections

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today we are going on our 5th snow day and an ice storm...can't remember another year in my teaching career we have been off school so much.  I think God is being kind to me and giving me time with my little guy!  Unfortunately, he got a cold which has been getting worse so I took him to the doctor (luckily is not too far) in the midst of an ice storm this morning.  Luckily, I took him because he has a double ear infection.  We now have som medicine so hopefully he will begin to feel better.  He has been sleeping in his car seat the last couple of nights...he has been pretty miserable.  He has been napping since we got home - longest nap ever (2 hours an 45 minutes).  He is tired from sleepless nights...
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