Snow Day!

We got ourselves a good old fashion blizzard in Iowa!  As you can see from the background - we are hunkered down and enjoying some much needed downtime with nothing to do but enjoy some serious "Solon Time"!

Playing with my toys in my bumbo...mommy singing and doing finger plays...oh what fun we are having!

Cy and Solon checking out the blizzard like conditions

Poor Cy doesn't even want to be outside - the snow goes almost to her belly in the low spots and almost covers our fence in the high spots...I think we got about 17 inches but hard to tell with the 45 mph winds

All this snow gets us in the holiday mood!  Hope you have a great snow day too!
Solon is now napping so mommy decided to share our day...Scott went to work and is 1 of 5 in his work group - he is staying for lunch and they ordered pizza (poor pizza guy).  Most of our neighbors haven't come outside to shovel, no point yet as it will just blow back.  The snow plows haven't even made it to our street in over 24 hours yet and there is a 5 foot drift in front of our garage - it is a no go for the bug at this point!  Welcome to winter in Iowa!