Pictures from Week 18 with Solon

Hanging out - look at those beautiful blue eyes (mommy is wrapped around my finger and I know it :-)

Playing with Daddy's santa musical box from when he was a little boy.  Solon likes to chew on the nose knob!

Always has to have his hand on his head just like when he was in the womb!

We had 2 snow days this week from the crazy blizzard like weather.  We had so much fun hanging out together, luckily, we just had to go to work on Friday and it was the weekend and we could hang out again.  We took Solon out in his red snowsuit and he was smaller than many of the snow piles in our front yard.

Can't believe Solon is already 18 weeks!  It is going by so quickly - we just have to take each moment and cherish it.  He is a very special little boy and we are so blessed to be his parents!