Update on our sickness :-(

Well, today Solon and I stayed home.  We headed to the doctor for me and found out I had bronchitis and a sinus infection, luckily not H1N1, but had a fever.  Solon is still coughing and has a runny nose but no fever so we are hoping he will heal quickly without medicine.  To top it off, I think I have a MAJOR cavity because my mouth is on fire - not sure if that goes with the sinus infection or not.  So now we are off to the dentist, quite literally the worst place in the world for me, I have some major anxiety when it comes to the dentist :-(.  I am going to head back to work in the morning and try to make a dentist appointment for tomorrow afternoon.  The doctor said I had such a long stint of not being sick, hadn't been there since April 2008 - Almost 2 years - WOW!  We will post pictures soon but for now - Scott is doing bath duty and I am off to bed!  Stay healthy!!!