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Sleeping men

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Solon has had a cold all week which causes him to cough quite a bit at night from drainage...sleeping in his car seat helped.  We tried it early one morning and I had to grab a shot when I got out of bed.  Hopefully, he will go back to sleeping in his crib without his car seat when his cold is over.  He also has new elephant humidifier going and the coolest Vick's epervescent is like the rub you put on your chest (but you can't do that with infants) so it is like a plug-in for the wall!!!  We pray for a speedy recovery, but it doesn't seem to be making him any less smiley.  Just causin' mommy to watch breathing and sleep a little more lightly!
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  1. try rubbing some Baby Vicks on his feet and put his socks on to sleep....sounds silly but his feet will absorb the Vicks and it's not as potent as up on his chest. Just a suggestion passed on to us from friends and our pediatrician when Chloe had a yucky, yucky cold. :) happy turkey day to you guys!!


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