It's Going...

Well all I have to say is I work for the weekend right now!  As I am typing Solon is out cold in my arms - one tired little cookie!  He likes daycare and enjoys watching all the other kids.  He is doing good with naps and bottles too!  Jodi is such a sweet and loving person - she does so well with him.  We are blessed to have her and so close right across the street. 
My new job is going - it is really hard for me to be away from Solon and my role is well lets just say "undefined".  I am enjoying getting to know the teachers and some of them are new moms too or have been there and know how it is.  I sure do miss the classroom A LOT - so for all you teachers out there - I am jealous!!!!  I miss the kiddos and their lightbulb moments too! 
So far, Scott has been taking Solon to daycare and I pick him up around 3:45 or 4.  We get a little snuggle time in before Daddy arrives home and we cook dinner.  Solon did not do daylight savings time so we have been stretching him each night a little longer to get him back into his routine of going to bed around 9:30.  This week I am right after him too! 
This weekend we will be going to the ISU game and meeting my family there (Scott's parents are on a cruise - jealous). The weather is supposed to be just beautiful in the upper 60's.  So, I guess we will go to the game.  We were not planning on it considering it is November but we will take the beautiful weather! 
Saturday Solon is 3 months - I just can't believe it but he sure is SUPER fun.  He is more interactive everyday.  We have little conversations and he just loves to "talk", smile and play with us.  He is grasping things, holding, and swinging them around.  He sits in his chair at the dinner table and we all hold hands in pray - just precious.  He really can splash that bath water now and can pin the rubber duck in the corner of the tub and then he stares at out of the corner of his eye - so funny!  That sure can brighten your day!