A few random photos of our week 13 with Solon

Solon and Scott brought me lunch on Wednesday since they spent the day together.  Our daycare provider took a vacation day.  They had lots of fun and I enjoyed a mid-day visit.  Of course, he snuggled in and took a nap on me.  Solon is now interested in toys and grasping and talking to them.  Mommy couldn't help but buy this for Solon at Walgreen's when we went to buy a new hair dryer since the other one pooped out!  Am I totally wrapped around his finger?? YES!!!

Evan his friend loved visiting Solon and rocking him - then we wanted to share his pacifier too!  Evan is 10 months old!

Solon is now 3 months old - Happy 3 month Birthday Solon (Nov. 7th)  - You are our greatest blessing!!!  We are so thankful to God to have you and enjoy each moment with you!