Solon's 2 month check-up

Solon had his 2 month well baby check-up with Dr. White on Friday.  He is VERY healthy!  Here are his stats:
He weighs 12 lbs. 8 oz.  (just 14 more oz to go to double his birth weight)
He is 22 3/4 inches tall
He is the 50th percentile for both!
He also had to have 3 shots and an oral antibiotic - poor guy screamed in pain! Tears welled in my eyes to hear him in pain.  Luckily Scott was with him so I could look away!

Here is Solon after his shots - so sad!!!

Once the baby tylenol kicked in he was okay but I freaked out trying to get those very sticky band-aids off of his thighs!!  He is still pretty sleepy but not in any pain today.  We had to give him some more tylenol overnight as he was still pretty miserable.  I just keep telling him it is better than the alternative!