Solon is 2 months today!!

I can't believe Solon is 2 months already...time sure goes fast these days. We figured we would update you on the daily happenings of our precious little peanut! He now weighs over 12 lbs. and is getting LONG just like his daddy. He loves to smile all the time and watch faces. He has discovered his hands and likes to suck on them when he gets hungry. He also likes to hold on to things like fingers and rattles for a short period of time. He still loves to be sung to and enjoys tummy time for not a very long time - but can hold his head and torso up, turn it from side to side, and does not have a flat head so I am not going to give him another reason to cry! He is learning to nap in his bed right now. His schedule is eat, be awake for an hour or so, and then get tired. He does not like to fall asleep but will finally for about 30 minutes and wake himself up - not satisfied and now cranky. Solon and I have been hanging out together upstairs a lot to help him get used to sleeping on his own. He is catching on quickly and each nap has gotten better but it eats up our whole day it seems like :-)!!!

We enjoy Scott coming home from lunch and Solon has some additional "daddy" time. Scott is such a GREAT dad. They love to chat and dance around. During that time, I get some cleaning done around the house, work out downstairs, or get ready for the day (some days it takes that long :-)!!

I got back to work on October 30th and am starting to get sad! I sure am going to miss spending every moment with our little guy but know he will be in fantastic hands - he will go just across the street to our neighbor's house. She is a former teacher and is so sweet! My hope is that Solon will be a good napper for her by then! He is pretty spoiled right now - I hope he does okay sharing someone's attention. Scott will take him in the morning around 8 am (I have to be to work by 7:30) and I will pick him up about 4PM.

After being off for about 6 months - we will all be in for a transition - back to equal partnership around here with household duties :-)!

Pray for us in our transition - it will be hardest I know on me. Solon will love hanging out with other babies and will be just fine but mommy will sure miss him!!! (I am tearing up right now thinking about it...)