Solon goes to Kansas City

It was sure chilly tailgating - can you find Solon? I had some chili!!
Hanging out with Papa Port at the game
Happy as a clam - Go State! (Grandma Wetherbee got him his new jersey :-)
Someone is a very happy baby now that no milk is in mommy's milk!!! Solon loves to smile...
Daddy and Solon were very tired - so cute his arm over his face!
We went to KC for the ISU vs. K State game - unfortunately we lost by 1 point but a very good game. Luckily the weather warmed up in the stadium it was pretty chilly at first. Solon stayed in his 1st hotel and did a great job. He has now visited the following states: Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, and Kansas - 6 states in 8 weeks. Not too bad....He won't get his 7th state until we travel at Christmas and his 8th state at spring break :-)