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So you know you are a mom when...

Friday, October 9, 2009

So today Solon and I had some errands to run and we were just about done at the mall when Solon began freaking out so I picked him up and burped him as I was walking him and the stroller towards Von Maur...all of a sudden a warm sensation hit my shoulder and back. Sure enough Solon had projectile vommitted all over me. Just then 2 moms (one prego and one with a baby Solon's age) came over and offered to help as I realized not only had he got my shoulder and back - it was dripping down my leg all the way to my shoe :-)! I walked briskly to the "mother's room" in Von Maur where I proceeded to put a screaming Solon back in his stroller as I "attempted" to wipe puke from my black turtleneck and jeans :-). Needless to say, people that passed the "room" probably wondered what on Earth was going on. Our trip came to an abrupt conclusion as I paraded my screaming child and puke stained self back through Von Maur to a speedy escape to the parking lot. Once we got in the car and on the road Solon fell fast asleep - obviously feeling better. SO you know you are a mom when you walk around with puke stained clothes and you REALLY don't care!!! And to think I used to care if my hair was in its perfect spot because that too left the house today half wet in a ponytail (another story) :0)

Below is the evidence of the event:

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