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Our Poor Little Guy

Friday, October 23, 2009
WARNING:  This post will contain a discussion of poop!

Solon has had a hard week...Solon had not pooped since Saturday :-(!  He was getting very very uncomfortable and we were getting worried.  Today, he got very uncomfortable so I called the doctor for the 2nd day in a row.  Yesterday, they told me to try apple juice, bicycle exercises and a warm bath.  After trying all of those things multiple times in 24 hours with no improvement, I called again.  Today, they suggested a glycerin supository...ugh!  So Solon and I ventured to Target to get some pediatric suppositories  (FYI - they are sold behind the pharmacy counter).  We hoped it would work instantly but it took a while but finally and slowly Solon started to make progress.  On top of it all, Solon and prune juice did not like each other so he was puking and pooping at the same time!  It is no fun to see him uncomfortable!  We sure hope he is on the mend...
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